Filling machines

Shashin Kagaku also provides various types of filling machines suited for the clients' materials and processes. Feel free to inquire.

Kakuhunter using process

Pressurizing type

  • The material containers are placed into a pressure tank and constantly pressurized by air pressure, and the material is filled by the switching of valves.
  • This is suited for filling materials with low viscosity.
  • This filling machine is relatively inexpensive.

Table hoisting type

  • The material containers are fixed to a table with precise control and the material is filled directly into syringes via a container adapter.
  • It enables to fill effectively due to short and straight passing way for materials.
  • Due to non-valve use, the structure of the wetted section is extremely simple and filling of the material in the containers is possible with little loss.
  • The maximum filling load is high at 3 Mpa, so it is suitable for filling high viscosity or high thixotropy materials.