What is the "Kakuhunter"?

A planetary centrifugal mixer with advanced technology as well as revolution and rotation individual speed control system that performs the two conflicting processes of mixing and degassing simultaneously!

The Kakuhunter is used in professional situations in a various industrial fields.

We contribute to solve several problems facing to mixing and degassing on existing methods.

The Kakuhunter supports mixing and degassing of a wide range of materials, for several viscosity levels.
For both containers and machines, operations are performed in sealed spaces so there is no risk of contamination by foreign substance, and continuous operation involving changes of material is easy to operate.
The bubble bursting effect produced by the shearing force and material film thickness forming action generated by the combination of revolution and rotation makes it possible to perform precise mixing and degassing simultaneously in a short amount of time.

The combinations of the revolution and rotation speeds make it is possible to set operation according to the characteristics and type of material and to perform optimal mixing and degassing for that material in a short amount of time.

The centrifugal force from the revolution push materials towards the side walls of the inner container, while rotation generates a sheering force between the material and the side walls of the inner container, in this way it mix the material.


  1. 1
    High-speed processing
    The system supports mixing and degassing of various type of materials, from those with low viscosities to high viscosities in just tens of seconds to a few minutes.
  2. 2
    Individual settings
    Step operation
    The speed of revolution and rotation can be set individually, and continuous operation is possible in the step mode.
  3. 3
    Optimum settings
    Detailed settings can be made according to the properties and type of material, allowing mixing and degassing of a wide range of materials.
  1. 4
    Sustain thermal elevation
    Optimization of the operating pattern sustains thermal elevation due to mixing
  2. 5
    No need to clean up
    There are no propellers, so there is no need to clean the main body of the machine and there is no loss of material.
  3. 6
    Easy operation
    Operation settings can be made easily with just the up, down, left and right keys on the control panel. (LED Light shows which button can touch)
  4. 7
    Vacuum reduced pressure function
    The vacuum reduced pressure function eliminates even ultrafine bubbles, and the external vacuum pump enables to provide a greater selection of vacuum pumps and easy maintenance.

Fields and Materials