Application Reference

For electronic parts manufacturers; We would like to degas bubble in syringes.

We place adhesives, resin, etc., in syringes and process them before coating with dispensers.
We are able to degas quickly through centrifugal and vacuum forces, so the process is completed in a short amount of time.
Furthermore, due to sealed vacuum chamber, it is also possible to conduct vacuum drawing only without revolving. (Degassing can be checked after processing.)

For battery manufacturers; We would like to disperse, degas, separating carbon, graphite, solvent, binder for anode and cathode on lithium ion battery EV car application with single machine.

From nanoparticles to particles of several hundred μ can be dispersed with high precision. The ratio of revolution and rotation can be adjusted according to the viscosity level of the resin, so the machine can be used for multiple purposes sustaining lump creation.
Homogenization is required for dispersing. Depending on the material, it is possible to degas while dispersing, but there are some cases in which it is necessary to separate the processes, first dispersing, then degassing.
Even in these cases, the SK-300TVS-A's vacuum function enables high precise degassing.
Furthermore, the machine can also be used to intentionally disperse resin paste and sample getting or to analyze components, however this machine is used mainly for research and development applications.

For adhesive manufacturers; We would like to mix and degas various kinds of viscous adhesives.

Various viscosity level of epoxy, silicon, urethane, acrylic resin(single or two agent) as well as UV resin or thermal curing resin are possible to mix sustaining temperature rise and eliminate micro fine bubbles for short time. SK-1100TVⅡ/TVSⅡ is vacuum equipped machine, thus it enables to mix comtemporary eliminate micro fine bubble, therefore short time mixing is possible to avoid temperature rise such as heat sensitive materials.

For pigment and high functional material manufacturers suited for medium size production; We would like to process pigment and high functional materials for 1 batch as 1L size at once.

The ratio of revolution and rotation can be adjusted for pigments and high functional materials with various particle sizes, in this way, it enables to solve the problem of lumping.
This machine is aiming throughput as 1ℓ, therefore it is not necessary to transfer container to container.
There is a choice of two types of rotors, in case of shifted type, it contributes to shorten the mixing time or use long syringe. In case of straight type, it contributes materials throughput.
Degassing is performed quickly due to the centrifugal force and the vacuum process. The vacuum level can be adjusted, so there is no worry of spilling.
Due to sealed vacuum chamber, it can be used as a vacuum desiccator without revolving and check the degassing condition after degassing process.

For the ceramics industry; We would like to mix various kind of ceramic materials from small scale to mass production level.

It enabled to create high precise, uniformly dispersed slurry under the optimal conditions for the material while adjusting the ratio of revolution and rotation.
Shashin Kagaku has variety range models from small R&D scale to mass production levels and we can select suitable models for each customer cases. SK-2000T can modify cup tray part for customer's designated container.

For the defense, aerospace industry; We would like to use planetary centrifugal mixer for aerospace industry application.

In terms of aerospace industry, it's materials are getting more complicated and high value materials with durability, heat resitance as well as weight saving. Therefore, it is required high quality demand. Shashin Kagaku, SK-350TⅡ enables to correspond to mix compostite materials or FRP, which is high viscous resin paste, sticky powders. We dedicate to final products such as aeroplace, helicopter, draun and various kinds of defense products with high quality requirement.

For cosmetic manufacturers: We would like to uniformly disperse various types of aggregate powders into the base material and degas high viscosity gels sustaining heat rise.

Generally multiple type of powders are used at cosmetic indusry for foundation, cream, lip sticks, eye lash liner, gels and case that the particle sizes are also various, an advanced mixing process is required.
Another advantage is that processing is performed only within sealed containers, therefore contamination risk can be minimized.
Whereas it used to take us about half a day to degas non-fluid gels, now we can degas them in just a few minutes.
The throughput of 400 ml x 2cups is ideal and we are able to work at full capacity every day.

For the medical and pharmaceutical industries; We would like to mix and degas small sample for medical application like suspention culture, medicine.

Even with very small amounts to be processed, we can make adapter for the small container to conduct mixing and degassing.
We can process small amounts of just 1 or 2 cc, and by making an adapter we can process about 10 samples simultaneously.
In case of small vials, you may consider that it seems not to work fine because of the small area inside the vial, but we are able to perform processing in just a few minutes.
Compact size does not occupy working space.

For the dental material industries; We would like to mix high viscous dental materials precisely without bubble.

Our planetary centrifugal mixer, SK-350TVS enables to mix and degas dental materials even it is very difficult material like high viscous bonding materials or cement which is used for medical treatment. Besides, mixer is used for kneading dental impression materials, too.