Containers and adopters

Various type of adopters are available for a wide range of containers, including disposable cups, stainless steel containers, paper containers, syringes, barrels, glass bottles, centrifuge tubes, etc.

By using one of the various adopters suited for syringes, re-dispersion can be conducted with different types of electronic materials (LED materials etc.) or chemical materials filled in the syringes.

In addition, the shifted cup tray used on the SK-300TVSII and SK-1100TVSII makes it possible to use longer syringes.

SK-2000T, we can modify cup trays for any container designated by the client, up to 2 kg per cup (maximum φ150 mm × 170 mm).
You can use your current containers; there is no need to purchase new containers.
Furthermore, for all products, adopters (optional) can be used to mount containers or syringes designated by the client. (Depending on the shape of the container, it may not be possible to fit into cup trays.)

Cold adopters can be used to sustain thermal elevation of the material due to mixing heat.
In addition, the zirconium adopter makes it possible for powder crushing application.