Entry model Kakuhunter

Planetary Centrifugal Mixer SK-300SII

A new entry model (SK-300SII) with enhanced functions!
"Medium mode" for minimizing mixing heat
"Wave mode" of enhancing mixing and dispersing force

300ml × 1 cup

  • 300ml × 1 cup
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Mode setting according to the application

SK-300SII, the new Medium mode has been added to the existing "mixing mode/degassing mode".
Easy operation keeps same, it offers a wider range of applications and a selection of modes suited for the material.

Equipped with a balance navigation function

The balance can be adjusted easily for the unbalance detection and balance navigation functions.

Compatible with 300 ml containers/max. 310 g

Despite its compact size, this model can be used to process 300 ml containers weighing a maximum of 310 g (gross weight)!!

Designed with a full range of safety functions

This unit is designed with such considerations for safety as top lid lock, operation lock during while the lid is open and a malfunction prevention mechanism. In addition, the unbalance error detection and a full range of functions for warning and notifying of motor problems or maintenance set alarm with peace of mind.

Unique mechanisms to the SK-300SII

■ Medium mode
Due to the lower ratio of rotation speed makes mixing heat sustained, so even heat sensitive materials can be used.

■ Wave mode
The speeds of revolution and rotation makes up and down(fast and slow) like wave motion, then enhanced more efficient mixing and dispersing.

Cup size 300ml×1cup Mximum310g (Gross Weight)
No. of revolutions Mixer mode 200-2000rpm
Medium Mode 200-2000rpm
Degassing mode 400-2200rpm
No. of rotations Mixing mode follows at 40% of revolutions
Medium Mode follows at 20% of revolutions
Degassing mode follows at 3% of revolutions
Time of setting Maximum 30 minutes (Total 9steps)
Step mode Continues operation with 10 different action patterns(Condition setting) possible.
Memory channel 0-9channel
Power supply voltage Single Phase AC200V-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption About 1,380W
External measurements W340x D315xH370(mm)
Weight Approx. 24kg

※ Medium mode/Wave mode are exclusively for SK-300SII.
※ In case of wave mode, revolution speed would differ up and down based on setting speed, with this reason, rotation speed follows up and down, too like wave.
※ Wave mode has revolving speed limitation ( Revolution: 1,000-1,790 rpm/ Rotation: about 400-716rpm)

Planetary Centrifugal Mixer SK-300SVII [Vacuum Type]

A compact, vacuum function, 1-cup, reasonable model with a simple mechanism.
With low revolving speed of 400G centrifugal force, it enables to control thermal elevation of materials.

300ml × 1 cup

  • 300ml × 1カップ
  • 公転自転比固定
  • 真空減圧装置
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Equipped with a vacuum machine for increased degassing performance!

The vacuum machine makes it possible to eliminate even finer air bubbles, so it can be expected to improve the conductivity and insulation performance demanded of electronic materials, to prevent reduced yield rate due to bubbles in optical material as well as to prevent injection of air due to air bubbles in syringes.
Furthermore, due to the external vacuum pump, facilitating such daily maintenance as checking or replacing the oil. You can also use your own vacuum pump.
(Please consult us separately if you wish to use a non-standard vacuum pump.)

Equipped with a balance dial jog

The balance can be adjusted simply by turning a dial, reducing setting time.

Simple 1-cup mechanism

The Kakuhunter SK-300SVII planetary centrifugal mixer with vacuum machine uses a simple 1-cup (300 ml capacity) mechanism, but offers the same specifications as upper grade models for the setting times (10 to 300 sec. × 5 steps) and setting channels (100 channels: 10 fixed channels and 90 user-set channels).

Example of degassing in a syringe

The 400 G centrifugal force and vacuum function together enable accurate degassing even of air bubbles in syringes.

Cup size 300ml × 1cup
Less than 55cc various syringe type available.
Other containers Multiple containers and syringes can be used by using an adopter.
Speed of revolution Settable in 9 steps
Speed of rotation Rotation follows at fixed ratio as 50% of number of revolutions.
Settable time 10-300 seconds × 5 steps
Step mode 5 Step
5 different kinds of motion pattern It can do continuous operation (on condition setup)
Memory channel (condition setting memory)
User settable channels
Fixed data channels

90 CH
10 CH
Power supply voltage Single Phase AC200-230VAC±10%
Power consumption 1.5kW
External dimensions W505 × D597 × H492 (mm)
(Pump is separately provided)
Main unit weight About 80Kg
(Pump is separately provided)