Individual revolution and rotation speed control system

Equipped with revolution and rotation individual speed control system
The ratio of revolution and rotation can be adjusted, thus 90 different speed combinations can be set.

  • Mixing
  • Degassing
  • Dispersing
  • Crushing
  • Kneading
  • Separating
  • Emulsifying

All-in-one support of other applications (abrasive, coating, etc.).
With ordinary models, the rotation speed ratio is fixed by the gear ratio, so even if the speed of revolution is adjusted, some materials may not properly mix or create lump, and practically these problems could not be solved.
By contrast, with the individual speed control system, revolution can be set in 9 steps, rotation in 10 steps, providing the advantages below.

6 advantages of variable rotation speed

  1. 1
    No more insufficient mixing
    Increasing the ratio of rotation speed reduces insufficient mixing and lump creation
  2. 2
    Greater efficiency/Uniform dispersion
    By optimizing the setting conditions for materials with a high powder ratio, dispersion is conducted efficiently, quickly and uniformly.
  3. 3
    Continuous operation by function
    Materials also can be mixed at low speed, similar to preliminary (handy mixing) mixing. * Low speed ⇒ medium speed ⇒ high speed operation is also possible using step operation.
  1. 4
    Zero rotation speed function
    Due to zero rotation speed, it can be intentionally made material separation juts like centrifuge application. (Example) Separation of aluminum solutions, etc.
  2. 5
    Powerful mixing
    The speed of rotation can be set to a maximum of 1:1 ratio against the speed of revolution, so such processes as emulsification can be performed efficiently in a short amount of time.
  3. 6
    Versatility + optimization
    The Kakuhunter correspond various types of material with versatility (mixing, degassing, dispersing, crushing, kneading, separating, emulsifying).
    (Process is performed under the optimum conditions for the application.)

Furthermore, this keeps the temperature of the material down!

Rather than simple adjusting the speed of revolution, the speeds of revolution and rotation are optimized, thereby sustaining the thermal elevation of the material.

Revolving speed setting table

(Note 1) Restrictions apply to some models.

Revolving speed comparison graph

Exclusive models

The revolution and rotation ratio individual speed control system technology is effective even when mixing and degassing of microplates (384 or 1536 wells etc.) and long barrel cartridges (180 or 360 cc)!
Container choice is quite important when mixing and degassing, it is necessary to optimize the revolving speed.
For example, when degassing a highly viscous material in long barrel cartridges, precise degassing can be achieved by moving the material efficiently.
For microplates, even when process amount is extremely small (such as in 1536 well microplates), air bubbles can be uniformly eliminated by optimizing the ratio of revolution and rotation.

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Models equipped with the individual speed control system

Standard models

Vacuum equipped models

Mass production models

Exclusive models